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About Us » Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is SCALE Leadership Academy?


SCALE Leadership Academy is a public and tuition-free independent study school dedicated to serving the academic needs of students, their families, and the local communities they are members of.


“Independent study” at SCALE is facilitated through a combination of online and physical resources including online courses, textbooks, paper-based resources, and individualized projects.


Why should I enroll my child in SCALE?


Red tape, lopsided student-to-teacher ratios, and exhausted resources are just a few of the many issues that plague public educational intuitions. While private academies are a solution, for most families they are not an affordable one.


We at SCALE are here to provide a third option-the quality of a private education open to the general public. We adhere to the California Department of Education standards; as a charter school, we are free from common obstacles and distractions that impede and distract from academic successes in public education. Independent study allows us to provide individualized learning experiences between students and teachers in a homeschool setting or in learning centers where the student to teacher ratio are no larger than 25 to 1. Our blended learning approach of combining online and paper-based resources allows us to tailor the curriculum for the individual learner.


Who can attend SCALE Leadership Academy?


SCALE Academy is open to the public. We are currently enrolling grades K through 12.


Where does SCALE Academy operate?


We currently operate in the Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Bernardino areas by providing independent study services and community resources for homeschool families and learning centers in these communities.  We will also provide community resources in these areas.  


When can I enroll my child?


Enrollment is available year-round.


How do I begin the enrollment process?


Click here to begin the online registration process. You can also request an enrollment packet from your local SCALE Learning Center or by contacting us directly at 888-315-4660 or at