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Admissions and Registration Overview

2016-2017 Application Process

Enrollment is limited!  If you are ready to enroll and want to secure your child’s seat for the upcoming school year, we recommend completing the Quick Registration form process which is available by clicking on the page here.  
Independent Study Agreement: 

Objectives, Methods of Study, Methods of Evaluation, and Resources: The student is to complete the courses listed below. All course objectives will reflect the established district governing board and are consistent with district standard as outlined in the district subject/course descriptions.  The specific objectives, methods of study, methods of evaluation, and resources for each assignment covered by this agreement are described in detail, when the students are logged in to K12, Aventa, Middlebury or any of the associated platforms, which are part of this agreement, and any subsidiary agreements are also part of this agreement. 



Additional Classes: If the student satisfactorily completes all of the above subjects/courses before the ending date of the agreement, one or more courses/subjects may be added to the agreement if the agreement is re-signed and re-dated by the teacher and the student.


Reporting: We understand that students are required to report to their teacher(s) as scheduled.

Manner of reporting: Through On-Line Messages,     E-Mail, Phone,               Frequency: once each learning period

Day: As scheduled                            Time:                           Place: Virtually


Assignments: We understand that according to the charter school policy for grades K through 12th Grade, the maximum length of time allowed between the assignment and the date the assignment is due is 20 days. After 2 missed assignments, an evaluation will be made to determine whether independent study is an appropriate strategy for this student.


Voluntary Statement: We understand that independent study is an optional educational alternative that students voluntarily select, including students covered under California Education Code sections 48915 and 48917. All students who choose independent study must be offered the alternative of classroom instruction, and they must have the continuing option of returning to the classroom.


Quality and Quantity; Rights and Privileges; Resources and Services: The independent study option is to be substantially equivalent in quality and quantity to classroom instruction. Students who choose to engage in independent study are to have equality of rights and privileges with the same access to existing services and resources as students in the regular school program.