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Life at SCALE

Daily School Functions



SCALE’s design will offer many of the same components offered students in a traditional school setting: standards based curriculum, materials resources, some face to face support and interaction, parent support and qualified teachers. But each student’s program will be different from anothers because each student’s program is based on their individual learning needs as they align with the student’s goals and the schools goals for achievement.


A Learning Period in the Life of a SCALE Independent Study Student


It would be impossible to describe a day in the life of a SCALE Independent Study Charter School student because no student routine will be exactly the same as another. What could be described, however, are the daily function of key role players in the SCALE learning community that enable the curriculum deliver and student achievement. The following section describes these key roles and functions in the day to day operations of the school.


The Role of the School


The Master Agreement outlines all components of and requirements regarding participation in SCALE IS School. It also outlines in detail SCALEs obligations for serving the student’s academic needs. SCALE agrees to provide the tools and resources in various combinations as listed in the Curriculum Options section of this petition. The individualized learning plan will be developed by the Independent Study Teacher, parent and student team and will provide for ample coverage of the California State Content Standards at grade level alongside regular assessments of student progress. Supplemental materials will be provided for those students in need of remediation as well as one-on-one and small group tutoring. The school will provide regular field trips and other experiential type learning opportunities.


Community Resources


The school will also provide community resources that will act as a base of support for our independent study community. Community resources will be a place where students can access supports and enhance the independent study experience. Community resources may also provide a location for periodic organized social events. These events are important for students in independent study who do not typically have continuous access to peer groups. Forming social connections and positive relationships with peers is crucial to healthy growth and development and community resource links support healthy student development.