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Parents Overview

The Role of the Parent


The role of the parent is defined in detail in the Parent and Student Handbook. For those students participating in the K-12 Independent Study Program the Parent Education will be responsible for the daily oversight of the student’s Individualized Learning Program. Parents will work directly with the IST in the development of the curriculum. They will also work directly with the IST to establish a weekly plan as a guide enabling the parent and student to stay on track for completion of the required amount of coursework each Learning Period.   Parents will work directly with their students in whatever capacities are needed in order for the student to learn successfully. They will be responsible for checking their student’s work for completion and accuracy on a daily basis using methods agreed upon with the Independent Study Teacher. SCALE parents/guardians agree to provide the following:


  • Daily oversight, guidance and support of each student’s Individualized Learning Program
  • Report the student’s lessons and other educational activities to the IST for each Learning Period
  • Guide the student in the development of their work portfolio
  • Report to the IST any challenges or difficulties the student might be experiencing in a timely manner
  • Provide transportation to community resource activities and small group experiences and social events

Parent Communication

Parental involvement will be encouraged throughout the school. SLA will communicate with parents about student progress on an ongoing basis as parents interact with teachers, counselors and administrators informally and by request, and using web- based technology, as it becomes feasible to implement at the school.   Additionally, SLA will issue report cards and progress reports during the school year and will send annual reports to stakeholders.   SLA will promote effective communication between parents, teachers, counselors and administrators, setting expectations for the timeliness of responses, the manner in which conflicts will be resolved, and staff training to minimize conflicts, such as effective communication strategies and harassment prevention. 

Parent Involvement

SLA has a high level of participation of parents individually and through school site council. Much of the planning work to date has involved parents seeking an educational alternative for their children. Parents will be involved in the school through volunteering, attending school events and parent meetings, and joining committees as they form.

Parents are highly encouraged to volunteer on campus, but there is no formal requirement to volunteer. Parents will play many important roles in the ongoing operation of the school, as well as the strategic planning and overall vision of the school community.