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Elementary School - Grades K-5 » Curriculum


The elementary curriculum is based on the adopted standards of the state board of education. Students that are enrolled in the elementary grades will have access to the same curriculum as provided by traditional school settings. Elementary students like all other SLA students will be assigned an advisory teacher. As in every grade level, elementary students will each have an academic advisor that also serves as the student’s Independent Study Teacher will assist the student with completing the individualized learning plan and agreement.


Students will be granted a virtual seat in 6 courses where they will access the entire curriculum through the online learning system. These courses will be facilitated by Aventa learning or another OLS. Each course will include units of study in which units will provide materials assessments and interactive learning experiences and students will be assess on each unit through regular formative and summative assessments. SCALE teachers will also embed required hands on projects and activities so students can activate their learning outside of the virtual environment. The online curriculum course embed technology standards, visual and performing arts, and fine arts project aimed to provide a rich exposure to the arts.


In addition to comprehensive courses fully online, students will have a number of other learning tools and resources. Students will also have access to a bundle of materials and resources to include programs that support math practices such as Study Island or another online learning resource publisher. A project bank will be available for parents and students for students to chose from a range of projects. Supplemental materials such as electronic reading resources will be embedded in each course. Students will also have access to consumable materials and other print resources. Each student’s learning experience will be based on their individual needs and goals and as recommended by their individual learning plan and some students may prefer request to submit paper based assignments and project more than participate in the online curriculum component.


Opportunities for enrichments with all will be provided for students in grades K-5. Students will have the opportunity to participate in physical education activities to support physical education and health curriculum. Activities aimed at supporting the physical education requirements for elementary grades will be organized by program coordinators satisfy the minimum requirement for participation in the elementary grades Like all students in SLA community service requirements will be embedded in the advisory curriculum to promote service learning and character development. The school counselor and program coordinators and independent study teachers will organize community service events to provide numerous opportunities for students to participate in community service events and log participation hours.