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Visual & Performing Arts

Visual & Performing Arts Academy




The Visual & Performing Arts Academy is an Arts immersion program that serves both the beginning level student and aspiring professioonal young artist. The Academy’s conservatory – styled approach aims to help students of all levels reach their full potential.


Mission Statement:

The mission of the Visual & Performing Arts Academy is to enrich the lives of young individuals by providing a creative, challenging, and nurturing environment that offers all learners, through powerful learning experiences, preparation to excel in the arts and higher education.


Educational Program:

The Academy offers an authentic top quality academic program that strives for academic excellence while enabling students to improve their artistic abilities. We believe that each student must be an effective communicator, critical thinker, and productive citizens, as well as be technologically advanced and be a socially responsible individual. This translates into a personal commitment to excellence and personal development, which is required from all of our students first and foremost.


As a tuition – free, open enrollment public school institution and program for all learners, the Academy follows the same state requirements that are required by a traditional school setting in the state of California. However, the program offers supplemental academic and Fine Arts components that are specific to the goals of the academy in training up and coming young artists.

  • Expected School-Wide Learning Results (ESLRs)

    • The Academy has the following Expected School-Wide Learning Results (ESLRs) for all of the student athletes that attend:

    • Critical Thinkers

    • Productive Individuals

    • Personally and Socially Responsible

    • Effective Communicators

    • Technologically Advanced

  • The Academy’s Core Values

    • College Preparedness

    • Small School Learning Environment

    • Individualized Learning and Planning

    • Performance and Results Orientation

    • Program Flexibility

    • Development of Up and Coming Young Artists

    • Parent Engagement and Support 21st Century Outlook


Artistic and Personal Development Program

  • The Visual and Performing Arts Academy

    • Scale Leadership Academy - Visual and Performing Arts Academy supports and promotes artistic creativity and academic excellence. This innovative public charter school provides a uniquely challenging academic program together with a conservatory approach to arts education. This nurturing environment focuses on individual growth, opportunity, and diversity.

      Students study the arts through a combination of private lessons, concentrated group instruction, and applied ensembles. Student’s work and progress is monitored through quarterly performance assessments. Students will participate in portfolio reviews/performance juries. In addition, students will have the opportunity to present their work through a variety of concert performances, art gallery events, film screenings, and recitals

  • Four Concentrations:

    • School of Dance

    • School of Music

    • School of Visual Arts (Coming soon)

    • School of Theater and Acting (Coming soon)